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Morning, 15.12.2017

Temperature 0°C/32°F

Sunshine 20%

Frost line 600

Afternoon, 15.12.2017

Temperature 2°C/36°F

Sunshine 40%

Frost line 1200

Tomorrow, 16.12.2017

Temperature 0°C/32°F

Sunshine 10%

Frost line 600

Day after tomorrow, 17.12.2017

Temperature -3°C/27°F

Sunshine 0%

Frost line 300

Forecast On Friday, the sky will be mostly grey; only rare clear spells will bring the sky a bit of colour! The chances of getting a bit of sunshine are however as small as the chances of getting some precipitation: There may also be occasional, scattered showers.

Trend From Saturday, low pressure will increase and colder air masses will influence our weather allowing light snowfall in the valleys!

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