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Mmm mealtime with Perauer's tasty treats!

Those who don't want to miss out on our home-made tasty treats when they are at home, can order our classics here – either individually or all together in a Perauer gift basket (which you might even want to keep for yourself ;-)

Tasty treats

Product: Quantity: Price:
Perauer's 'Freigeist' – Apricot brandy per litre 25,00
Perauer´s 'Kampfgeist' – Hazelnut brandy per litre 35,00
Jams 250 g 4,50
'Kaminwurzn' sausage per piece 2,50
Bacon 1kg 20,00
Gift basket A to D 36,00

Shipping / postage for each order


Product: Quantity: Price:
Perauer's Flask – without filling per piece 20,00
Perauer´s Flask - with filling per piece 25,00
Perauer´s Heat bottle - for 'freezing chickens' per piece 20,00
Perauer´s Backpack - the original per piece 45,00
Perauer's glass assortment - 1 stylish water bottle, 2 Perauer glasses per assortment 16,00

Shipping / postage for each order

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Tasty treats

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