Tyrol in our hearts and on our plates!


Our slogan, our philosophy and, above all, the truth. We serve up the delicious results of our local quality production: the best organic goods from our farmers - carefully processed and refined by our own butcher - and carefully prepared by our kitchen team.

This is how Tyrol gets onto our plates ... and into our hearts.

We have been awarded
with the AMA gastro quality seal for our fresh food preparation and use of regional raw ingredients.

United by the green inn sign - symbol and decoration at the same time - the member establishments of the Tyrolean Inn Culture bear witness to the diversity of inn culture in Tyrol on this website.
The most basic elements of the initiative are equally valid for all establishments:

  • the love of Tyrolean food
  • the freshness of the products used from agriculture, waters and forests
  • special attention to authentic atmosphere and architecture.

These elements are the hallmarks of all our culinary sites. Within these guidelines, there is naturally room for a wide range of establishments, which give the personal style of the innkeepers, the regional roots, the structural conditions and the agricultural environment, their own character.