Hotel Perauer


Morning, 23.06.2018

Temperature 13°C/55°F

Sunshine 70%

Frost line 2800

Afternoon, 23.06.2018

Temperature 18°C/64°F

Sunshine 50%

Frost line 3100

Tomorrow, 24.06.2018

Temperature 19°C/66°F

Sunshine 40%

Frost line 3200

Day after tomorrow, 25.06.2018

Temperature 20°C/68°F

Sunshine 50%

Frost line 3300

Forecast After a heatwave with a thundery end, we are facing a period of rather unspectacular weather now. The cooler maritime air will stay under the influence of weak high pressure and will bring us a stable mix of sunshine and cloud interrupted by scattered short showers. It will be rather windy at times.

Trend The next few days will not bring any significant changes in the weather.

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