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Morning, 04.12.2021

Temperature 3°C/37°F

Sunshine 10%

Frost line 1700

Afternoon, 04.12.2021

Temperature 5°C/41°F

Sunshine 0%

Frost line 1900

Tomorrow, 05.12.2021

Temperature 0°C/32°F

Sunshine 30%

Frost line 800

Day after tomorrow, 06.12.2021

Temperature -1°C/30°F

Sunshine 80%

Frost line 800

Forecast Forecasters do not very much like their job when it comes to forecasting the influences low pressure, together with humid, warm air, has on our weather! So this is going to be short and sweet: The weather will be unstable all day.

Trend A cold front will once again pass over our region on Sunday. The cloud will produce a few snow showers. On Monday, the clouds will clear and give ways to sunshine.

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