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Morning, 04.06.2020

Temperature 16°C/61°F

Sunshine 50%

Frost line 3200

Afternoon, 04.06.2020

Temperature 19°C/66°F

Sunshine 30%

Frost line 3100

Tomorrow, 05.06.2020

Temperature 14°C/57°F

Sunshine 40%

Frost line 2500

Day after tomorrow, 06.06.2020

Temperature 17°C/63°F

Sunshine 70%

Frost line 2700

Forecast A ridge of high pressure brought an improvement in the weather on Wednesday. It will, however, not persist against a new area of low pressure approaching from Iceland! ”From Iceland” does not sound very good and is not very good! A large cold front will move into our region causing thunderstorms which may be quite heavy.

Trend On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will still feel the effects of the last low pressure area. The weather will be unstable and showers and thunderstoms may form at any time.

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